If you're putting together your first campaign, want to refresh your marketing skills or if you just need some helpful stats and information, then this is the right place. Here you'll find tools and resources that can help you to develop a successful campaign and to track your progress through each and every click.

You can also find helpful tips and up-to-date news which can help you to stay abreast of developments and innovations in what is always a fast moving industry.


Channel Tracking


Website Templates

It is important to be able to track the performance of each campaign. This resource will not only allow help you to create advertising channels, but show you which channels bring the best results, so you can optimize the performance of your campaigns.

For example, you can create a channel for a PPC campaign and a channel for an email campaign. Then you'll be able to compare the results of the same creative used for PPC and your email at the same time.
Being focused on a specialist market, we know what customers want. We provide pre-designed website templates for free: all you need to do is add your own content and you're ready to jump start your own website.

Free website hosting & customized translation - website hosting and web page building are the initial steps for online marketing. We will provide you with free website hosting and customized web pages which you can use to promote our online advertisers.
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Direct Link URLs

Link Protection

Link directly to our merchant websites without any additional parameters in the affiliate link URL. It is the most search engine friendly linking method possible and guarantees the best SEO results. This tool hides unwanted, ugly parameters that appear in affiliate links that users see in the browser status bar when the mouse is held over a link. This can also help publishers to protect their links from any kind of misuse.

Keyword Research

SEO Guide

You may request keyword lists and assistance with SEO research at any time. We will help you achieve a top rank on the major search engines, starting with breaking down keyword volumes and competitiveness of different search phrases in various markets. If you would like to learn more about SEO basics we have exactly what you need. We will provide you with a free SEO guide along with personal involvement to optimize your pages so you can get the top rankings in the major search engines.

Product Trends

Blogging Guide

Keep up to date with product lauches and prevailing trends. We will give you insight into the best selling products, their popularity in different regions, expected conversation ratios and many more tips that will affect the way you build your campaigns. Blogging is one of the most effective marketing mediums. To blog successfully you need to know how to pitch products to your visitors and you'll need basic writing skills. Our free guide to blogging will help you to improve your blogging performance.

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